Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Management Principle

We ensure effective utilization of limited resources throughout our corporate activities and make every effort to hand down a sound global environment to future generations.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Environmental Action Guidelines (Basic Policies)

  1. 1. In our design, development, production, sales, and other business activities, as well as in final disposal of our products, we will:
    1. (1) advance the development and sales of environmentally-considerate products as part of our efforts for environmental conservation;
    2. (2) endeavor to reduce energy consumption through proper management of electricity-consuming and other facilities;
    3. (3) save the use of resources through reducing waste of raw materials and occurrence of defects, introducing alternatives to those resources, and other means to minimize the generation of waste; and
    4. (4) promote recycling of plastic members and other materials to contribute to the creation of a sound material-cycle society.
  2. 2. All the employees will be encouraged to take part in the efforts to continuously improve ROKI TECHNO’s environmental management system and prevent pollutions before occurring.
  3. 3. We will comply with laws and regulations concerning environmental impacts—such as water pollution, noise, and waste—and other requirements, as well as establish voluntary control criteria as necessary, to responsibly control our activities that may affect the environment.

Environmental Practices

1. Energy and resource conservation:
We will reduce the consumption of electricity, gas, water, fuels, and paper.
2. Reduction of waste:
We will reduce waste generation from our production activities.
3. Legal compliance:
We will comply with relevant laws, regulations, and ordinances.