Support for plant engineering

If you have problems with your filtration, separation, sterilization, deodorization or decolorizing process, please tell us. We offer a variety of elements, housings and devices.

We pursue customer satisfaction by combining ROKI TECHNO’s core technologies and proposing products which are optimal for customers.

ROKI TECHNO’s core technologies

Filtration & Separation technology
Separation and removal of solid matters in liquid
Separation and removal of solid matters and mist in gas
Separation and removal of solid matters in steam
Ozone generation technology
Sterilization, deodorization, decolorizing
Proposals based on rich expertise and engineering
Improvement of the efficiency of filter changing work
Space saving
VOC measures
Reduction of COD
Reduction of used filters

<Support for plant engineering>

  • Oil refinery plant
  • Resin (plastic) raw material plant
  • Fine chemical plant
  • Electricity power plant
  • Water treatment plant
  • City gas plant
  • Gas refinery plant
  • Food & beverage plant
  • Electronics plant
  • Alcohol (bio ethanol) refinery plant
  • Deodorization plant

In addition to the separation and removal technology using standard filters and housings, we provide special filters and housings and various separation devices (coalescers and mist separators) which we undertake to make according to customer’s applications.

Special filters other than catalogue products

Specially shaped metal filters, paper filters, elements for coalescers.

Special housings other than catalogue products

Carbon steel, low alloy steel, high alloy steel, stainless steel, Ni-base alloy steel, clad steel, non-ferrous materials, resin, etc
Various standards
JIS, ASME, GB (China), PED (EU), etc.
Domestic laws
High Pressure Gas Safety Law, Ocupational Health and Safety Law, Class 1 Pressure Container Structural Standard, Class 2 Pressure Container Structural Standard, Electricity Enterprises Law, Gas Enterprises Law
Heat-proof temperature
-260℃~450℃-260 deg C – 450 deg C
Supporting from high vacuum to high pressure

Various separators

Mist separators, coalescers