Ozone Systems

Main Applications of Ozone
―Surface Modification―

Improvement of the quality of packaging materials

Enhancement of the productivity of lamination using ozone

Effects of ozone
  • Increased adhesive strength
  • Reduced damage of materials; reduced consumption of energy due to decreased temperature required for processing
  • Increased processing speed
  • Reduced plastic odor
  • Decreased loss of materials; improved workability due to the shortened air-gap

<Comparison between with and without ozone for extrusion lamination>

<Application examples>

  • Foods (packages for candies, soups, etc.)
  • Medical care (packages for pharmaceuticals, etc.)
  • Construction materials (wallpapers, etc.)

Ozone generation system for lamination

<Ozone generation flow>

Ozone generation flow

<Features of our ozone generators for lamination>

  • High concentration and flow rate, suitable for lamination
  • Safety-first design
  • Automatic control in linkage with the laminator
  • Abundant delivery records
BA44 Type ozone generator

<A wide range of lineup>

型式 Ozone gas generation g/h Ozone gas flow rate m³/h(N)
BA4-80-25 80 3.2
BA7-140-25 140 5.6
BA13-240-25 240 9.6
BA20-380-25 380 15.2
BA29-540-25 540 21.6
BA44-800-25 800 32