President's Message

We are creating the future one step at a time, to become a "100-Year Company."
We are aiming to become a "100-Year Company," a company that will continue to exist beyond 100 years, by promoting "Transformation" and "Relentless Pursuit."

We, ROKI GROUP, as a holding company, have the following four operating companies:

1. ROKI TECHNO CO., LTD., which is responsible for development and manufacturing.
2. ROKI TECHNO MARKETING CO., LTD., which is responsible for sales in Japan.
3. ROKI GROUP INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD., which is responsible for overseas sales.
4. TROIKA Japan CO., LTD., which is responsible for planning and selling consumer products in Japan.

We will aim for further growth as a group, by making management decisions and speeding up the operations and clarifying responsibilities in each function so that we could expand existing business, create new business, and expand the business.

Although the improvement of technical capabilities is a major premise for a manufacturing company aiming to become a "100-Year Company", from now on, the ability to create new business through the "development of new fields" and "application of existing technology" are absolutely required. We are aiming at the No.1 partner to our customers", through creating the "Filtration Business," "System Solutions Business," and "Consumer Business" applying our unique "Filtration Technology."

Furthermore, we will develop social contribution through activities such as environmental conservation, local revitalization, and humanitarian assistance. We will then connect these to the environment and society in order to create smiles for all people involved in ROKI GROUP.
I believe that these continuous business challenges and honest social contribution activities are the only road to realizing a "100-Year Company." We will contribute to the Industry, environment, and society while creating the future one step at a time, as a group under our "management philosophy and motto." We believe our company can provide employees a platform to develop their abilities and give them an opportunity to realize their full potential. We strive to fulfill our dreams and contribute to industry, the environment, and society.

Chairman, President and CEO